Primary Visits

Guided visits to Johnson’s Birthplace for KS1 and KS2 focus on history. Find out about Samuel Johnson and how the Johnson family used to live through interacting with costumed characters. Visits also include drama, geography, technology and literacy throughout the session.

Included in a visit

  • Visit a Georgian home with Kitty and Lucy, the family helpers

  • Meet Michael Johnson in his workroom to find out about Sam as a young boy, and discover how books are made

  • Acting and storytelling 

  • Explore and compare old maps and find out about life in Lichfield

  • Dress up like a Georgian person and learn about manners in the past

  • See Johnson’s famous Dictionary and find out about weird and wonderful words used in his time

What teachers have to say about our Primary visits:

“Materials were fantastic and more schools should use the valuable resources of the museum, staff and online materials”

“We enjoyed the whole morning we spent at the Samuel Johnson house. The children enjoyed the dressing up and role play aspects of the visit. Staff were informative and had a lovely rapport with the children. Thank you very much for your warm welcome”

“Excellent for bringing history alive”

Visits last for two hours, for £3.50 per pupil, excl. VAT. Accompanying adults are free of charge. If you would like to book the Guild Room in the Guildhall for lunch it is an additional flat rate of £10.  Contact us or download our schools pack for more information


Lichfield Heritage Safari

How about making the most of your school trip and combine it with a visit to Erasmus Darwin House, Lichfield Cathedral, or both! We can accommodate multiple groups across the three sites, which would allow the children to visit three heritage sites in the city of Lichfield all in one day. Please contact us to discuss a Heritage Safari booking.


What teachers say about the Heritage Safari: 

‘…all aims were met for the day and we met well. The children gained extensive knowledge of the three locations and the people that linked to them. As well as the providing the children with a range of knowledge the sites did this in a range of engaging ways that kept the children wanting to learn more at each site.’

‘…They gained an understanding that there are so many historical places of interest in Lichfield which a lot didn’t know before. They knew the names of Erasmus and Johnson but didn’t know why and what they were famous for and now they do. The day got them out of the classroom and all were engaged throughout. All enjoyed visiting the different places in one and day and some said it felt like they had been on three trips in a day!’

Quotation MarksSir, in my early years I read very hard. Quotation MarksI knew almost as much
at eighteen as I do now.

Samuel Johnson signature