Sonnets in the City Saturday

Published: 09 July 2016

When William Shakespeare died in Stratford 400 years ago this year, nobody knew that he would go on to change the history of our language. So why is the Midlands lad so celebrated? Well, on Saturday July 9 you will have a chance to find out! If you happen to be in Lichfield quaffing ale or supping tea or just doing the grocery shop, you might stumble across an innovative and intriguing project. Intimate Theatre and the Samuel Johnson Birthplace Museum have joined forces to bring Will’s words to the street with sonnets performed in surprising places across the city. A team of fantastic readers will be gracing the streets of Lichfield with poetry. Look out for them across the city between 10.30 and 3.30 throughout the day, and then back at the Birthplace at 3.30pm. Venues taking part include Tesco, Erasmus Darwin House, the George Hotel, the Scales, the Whippet, Lichfield Library, Fuse Festival, Devo-tea, the Lounge, the Little Nook and many, many more!! To find out more call 01543 264 972 or follow the event on the Birthplace Facebook page.

Intimate Theatre group